Who we are

The Cooperative

Coopershoes manufactures vulcanized and cemented shoes for successful and well recognized brands throughout Brazil. Founded in 1998 in Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, the Cooperative has been growing based on professional enhancement and on continuous technology investments.

Currently Coopershoes owns 5 facilities distributed in Brazil and Argentina, with a total area of 46.110m², 2.900 employees and an installed monthly capacity of 45.000 pairs of shoes. These numbers confirm its position among the biggest shoe-manufacturing Companies of Brazil.

Sustainability and Environment

Coopershoes is focused and integrates sustainability each time more on its Business strategic position, looking for mitigating environment impact, material waste and energy reduction, these ones evolved on products manufacturing and minimization of in-font waste.


Sustainability Management

  • Coopershoes is engaged on Sustainability by offering periodic trainings to all employees.
  • Coopershoes requires environmental certifications to all partners and suppliers.
  • Coopershoes also invests in equipments and adopts sustainability policies on its plants and processes.

Sustainable Practices

  • Coopershoes promotes rubber waste reuse through micronization and reuse processes on soles and sockliners production.
  • Coopershoes also performs sustainable burn of nutshells and use of reforestment wood.
  • With the install of water treatment stations (ETE), Coopershoes reuses water on gardens and toilet flushes.
  • Use of energy through Free-market is also present at Coopershoes.
  • With the implementation of water-based adhesive at all production lines, Coopershoes is conquering great results regarding Volatile Organic Compounds emission reduction into atmosphere.

Employees and Environment

Coopershoes is dedicated to achieving all Group objectives, being concerned with its employees and community.

All employees are inserted into the Group through integration programs, besides having total access to benefits such as dentist, doctors, nursing, phonoaudiology, physiotherapy, day-care center with daily transportation, cafeteria and scholarships.

Coopershoes supports sport and social programs and is actively engaged on local actions and understands that these attitudes denote concerning, which is beyond its Business, strengthening relations with community where Coopershoes is placed.